UI-UX / Styleguide / Design System / Presentation Decks
Project Overview
The white-label ticketing platform is a comprehensive solution that significantly enhances the efficiency of online event ticket purchasing. While its primary purpose revolves around event planning and ticketing, this platform offers a wealth of features to enrich the entire event experience. One notable highlight is its SDK checkout flow, enabling seamless ticket transactions, ensuring user-friendliness, and allowing organizers to integrate the checkout process into their own applications and websites. Moreover, the platform simplifies ticket printing, offering both physical and digital ticket options, streamlining the check-in process and reducing the reliance on third-party services.

Furthermore, event organizers can take full advantage of this platform's capabilities to create customized event mobile apps and websites, providing unique digital experiences tailored to their brand and event. Additionally, the inclusion of promo discounts empowers organizers to run effective marketing campaigns, attracting more attendees through discounts and incentives. Beyond these core functions, the platform also encompasses a wide range of tools, from real-time analytics to attendee management and secure payment processing, making it a comprehensive solution for all facets of event organization and execution. In essence, the white-label ticketing platform serves as an invaluable resource, not just for simplified ticketing but also for elevating the overall quality and success of events.
My Contributions
In my role, I was responsible for a diverse set of tasks, encompassing the implementation of new design features, client website design, marketing and promotional materials, clothing design, enhancements to the main website, and the creation of engaging presentation decks. If it needed a creative touch, I was the go-to person to tackle it.
Generalist Designer (Freelance)
Jan 2019 - Present
Anchor Website Designs