Allcare Placement

Visual Brand & Web Designer
Project Overview
Allcare Placement is a one stop shop to help familes and seniors to find a living home around southern California. This project was a holistic branding and design initiative aimed at revitalizing the client's visual identity and communication materials. My role was central to delivering a cohesive and impactful brand presence across various mediums, including a newly designed website, business cards, a comprehensive brand guide, and a promotional brochure.
My Contributions
This project was a comprehensive effort to elevate the client's brand through strategic design across key touchpoints. My involvement from conceptualization to final execution ensured that each component—from the website to the business cards, brand guide, and brochure—was not only visually cohesive but also strategically aligned with the brand's objectives. The successful completion of this project resulted in a stronger brand identity, enhanced online presence, and effective marketing materials that together position the brand for greater visibility and success.
Allcare Placement
Visual Brand Designer & Web Designer
July 2023 - Present